St.-ThereseIn the time of the law of fear, before the coming of Our Lord, the prophet Isaias, speaking in the name of the King of Heaven, could say: “Can a mother forget her child? And if she could forget, yet will not I forget thee” [Isa. 49;15]. What ecstasy in that promise!

Ah! And we who live under the law of love, how can we fail to pout to profit the loving advances our Spouse makes to us? How can we fear One “who lets himself be held by the hair of our neck?” [Cant. 4:9].

So we must learn to hold Him prisoner, this God who makes Himself a mendicant for our love. In telling us that a hair can work so great a marvel, He is showing that the smallest actions done for us are the actions which win His heart.

Ah! If we had to do great things, how much to be pitied we should be!… But how fortunate we are, since Jesus lets Himself be held by the smallest!…

You have no lack of small sacrifices, my dear Léonie, is not your life made up of them? I rejoice to see you with such a treasure before you, especially when I realise that you know how to put it to profit, not only for yourself but even more for souls.

It is so sweet a thing to aid Jesus by our slight sacrifices, to aid Him to save the souls He has redeemed at the price of His blood, souls which await only our help not to fall into the abyss.

It seems to me that if our sacrifices are hairs to hold Jesus prisoner, so are our joys; to make them so, it is enough that we are not concentrated in a selfish happiness but that we offer our Spouse the small joys He sows in life’s path to win our souls and raise them to Him.

Thérèse of the Child Jesus (1873-1897): Collected Letters of St. Thérèse of Lisieux translated by F.J. Sheed (London: Sheed & Ward, 1972), pp. 241-2.