“Remain in Me” (Jn. 15:4). It is the Word of God who gives this order, expresses this wish.

Remain with Me, not for a few moments, a few hours which must pass away, but “remain…” permanently, habitually, Remain in Me, pray in Me, adore in Me, love in Me, suffer in Me, work and act in Me.

Remain in Me so that you may be able to encounter anyone or anything; penetrate further still into these depths.

This is truly the “solitude into which God wants to allure the soul that He may speak to it,” as the prophet sang (Hos. 2:14).

In order to understand this very mysterious saying, we must not, so to speak, stop at the surface, but enter ever deeper in the divine Being through recollection.

“I pursue my course,” exclaimed St Paul; so must we descend daily this pathway of the Abyss which is God; let us slide down this slope in wholly loving confidence.

“Abyss calls to abyss” (Ps. 41:8). It is there in the very depths that the divine impact takes place, where the Abyss of our nothingness encounters the Abyss of mercy, the immensity of the all of God.

There we will find the strength to die to ourselves and, losing all vestige of self, we will be changed into love…. “Blessed are those who die in the Lord” (Ap. 14:13).

Elizabeth of the Trinity (1880-1906): The Complete Works, Volume One, translated by Sr Aletheia Kane OCD (ICS Publications), pp. 94-5.