Elizabeth writes:

Since our Lord dwells in our soul, His prayer is ours, and I desire to partake of it unceasingly, keeping like a little pitcher beside the fountain, so that I may be able to give life to others by letting His inexhaustible streams of charity overflow on them.

For them do I sanctify Myself, that they also may be sanctified in the truth.

Let us make these words of our adorable Master our own.

Yes! Let us sanctify ourselves for the souls of others, for as we are all members of the same body we can cause the Divine life to circulate throughout the great body of the Church in proportion to the share we possess of that life ourselves.

[…] When I think of my name…my soul is conducted by the great vision of the mystery of mysteries into that Trinity Which even in this world is our cloister, our dwelling-place, the infinite Being enclosed in which we can traverse all things.

I am just reading the beautiful teaching of our Father St. John of the Cross about the transformation of the soul into the Three Divine Persons.

To what sublime glory we are called! I can understand the silence and recollection of the saints who could not withdraw from their contemplation, so that God could lead them to the divine mount where union is made perfect between Him and the soul, which is His mystic bride.

What an adorable mystery of charity that God should call us by our vocation to live in such a knowledge!

…I should like to respond to it by passing through this world like our Lady, keeping all these things in my heart, retired, as it were, into the depth of my soul, so as to lose myself, to be transmerged into the Blessed Trinity Who dwells there;

then my device, my radiant ideal, as you call it, would be realized, and I should really be Elizabeth of the Trinity.

Elizabeth of the Trinity (1880-1906); quoted in The Praise of Glory: Reminiscences of Elizabeth of the Trinity by A Carmelite Nun of Dijon, pp. 113-114.