Elizabeth writes:

Love dwells within us, so all I do is to enter into myself and lose myself in Those [the persons of the Trinity] within me.

[…] I am Elizabeth of the Trinity, that is to say, Elizabeth disappearing, submerged in the Three.

Let us give ourselves up to Them, sacrificing ourselves every moment without seeking for anything extraordinary.

Let us make ourselves small, allowing Him Who is our all to carry us in His arms as a mother does her child.

Yes, we are weak indeed, I may say we are nothing but misery; but He well knows that.

He delights in forgiving and raising us up, in bearing us in Himself, in His purity and infinite sanctity.

In this way He purifies us by continual contact with Him. He wishes us to be stainless, and He Himself will be our purity!

We must allow ourselves to be transformed into His image, which will be accomplished simply by loving Him ceaselessly with such a love as causes unity between those who love.

I wish to be a saint that I may glorify my Divine Master; ask Him to make me live for love alone, which is my vocation.

Let us unite ourselves to Him, so that our days may be in continual communion with Him; let us awake in love, deliver ourselves to love all day by doing the will of the good God, in His sight, with Him, in Him, for Him alone;

let us give ourselves incessantly in the way in which He wishes; then, when night comes, after a colloquy of love in our heart throughout the time, let us sleep again in love.

Perhaps we may know of faults and infidelities on our part. Let us abandon them to love which is a consuming fire, and thus we shall have our purgatory.

Elizabeth of the Trinity (1880-1906); quoted in The Praise of Glory: Reminiscences of Elizabeth of the Trinity by A Carmelite Nun of Dijon, pp. 117-118.