Elizabeth writes:

Since we aspire to become “victims of charity”, like our holy Mother St. Teresa, we must allow ourselves to become rooted in the charity of Christ, as St. Paul says in the beautiful epistle of to-day.

How is that to be done ? In living raised above all that is around us with Him Who dwells within us, and Who is charity. He thirsts to give us all He is, to transform us into Himself.

Let us rouse our faith and remember that He is within us, and wishes us to be true to Him. How many acts of self-denial we can offer unknown to all but Him! Let us lose none of them.

It seems to me that the saints are souls completely oblivious of self, lost in Him Whom they love, with never a thought of self or of creatures, so that they are able to say with St. Paul: “I live, yet not I, but Jesus Christ liveth in me”.

No doubt we must immolate ourselves in order to be so transformed, but we love sacrifice because we love the crucified God.

Oh, let us be in earnest about it! Let us give our soul to Him, telling Him that we long to love but Him alone; let Him do all, for we are feeble and childish, and it is such joy to be the little babe of the good God!

Elizabeth of the Trinity (1880-1906); quoted in The Praise of Glory: Reminiscences of Elizabeth of the Trinity by A Carmelite Nun of Dijon, pp. 118.