Elizabeth writes to her sister Marguerite:

I have lately been reading some splendid things by St. Paul about Divine adoption, and I naturally  thought of you.

Being a mother, you know what depth of love for your children God has put into  your heart, so you can understand how great is the  mystery of our being the children of God.

Does it not make you tremble, Marguerite? Listen to what my dear St. Paul says:

“God chose us in Him before the foundation of the world…Who hath  predestinated us into the adoption of children…unto the praise of the glory of His grace”.

Which means that, almighty as He is, it does not seem as if  He could have done anything more grand.

Again: “If a son, an heir also through God.” And what is this inheritance? “God hath made us worthy to  be partakers of the lot of the saints in light.”

And  then, as if to show that it does not mean in the far future, the Apostle adds: “Now, therefore, you are no more strangers and foreigners, but you are fellow-citizens with the saints, and the domestics of God.”

Marguerite! this heaven is the centre of our soul; as St. John of the Cross says, when we are in its deepest centre, we are in God. How simple and consoling it is!

In the midst of all your motherly cares and occupations you can retire into this solitude and give yourself up to the Holy Spirit, so that He may transform you into God, impressing the divine image of His beauty on your soul, in order that, when the Father looks down on you, He may see nothing but His Christ, and may say: “This is my beloved daughter in whom I am well pleased!”

Elizabeth of the Trinity (1880-1906); quoted in The Praise of Glory: Reminiscences of Elizabeth of the Trinity by A Carmelite Nun of Dijon, pp. 130-131.