At all times, dearest, “be strengthened in the Lord and in the might of the power of God”, and confirm the other Sisters. And rejoice always in Him “in whose right hand are delights even to the end”.

For behold quickly will come “the nuptials of the Lamb” whose “right hand is filled with gifts” to give comfort to those grieving with desire for the fatherland, and sweet wine to those bitter in soul because of love.

He will come “to wipe away the water” of present dissatisfaction and sorrow (and change it) into the wine of the Holy Vine, that excellent wine, “the wine that rejoices the heart of man”, the wine by whose sweetness His beloved ones are inebriated, the wine of eternal joy, the new sublime wine, which is poured out to His Elect at the table of the heavenly court by the Son of God Who is blessed for ever and ever.

[…] I beseech thee by thy love for the Lord, “let not thy heart be troubled neither let it be afraid” if thou sufferest tribulations for Christ, because “if we are partakers of His sufferings, we shall also be companions in His consolations”.

“Let thy service be reasonable” so that thou mayest please thy invisible Spouse. “Be strengthened in the Lord”; whatever shall be apportioned to thee, accept and endure in sorrow, and in thy humility have patience. The Lord be with thy spirit.

Jordan of Saxony (c.1190-1237): Letters 2 & 5 (extracts) to Diana of Andalo.