I am asking the Holy Spirit to show you this presence of God within you.

If you read the Gospel of John, you will see over and over again that the Master insists on this commandment: “Remain in me, and I in you”, and also that beautiful thought in which He speaks of “fellowship” with the Holy Trinity.

That word is so sweet and it is so simple.  It is enough – Saint Paul says this – it is enough to believe: God is spirit, and we approach Him through faith.

Realize that your soul is the temple of God, it is again Saint Paul who says this.

At every moment of the day and night the three Divine Persons are living within you.

You do no posses the Sacred Humanity as you do when you receive Communion.

But the Divinity, that essence the blessed adore in Heaven, is in your soul; there is a wholly adorable intimacy when you realize that; you are never alone again!

If you’d prefer to think that God is close to you rather than within you, follow your attraction, as long as you live with Him.

Think that you are with Him, and act as you would with Someone you love.

It’s so simple, there is no need for beautiful thoughts, only an outpouring of your heart.

Elizabeth of the Trinity (1880-1906): Letter 1273 to her Mother, May 27, 1906 @ Meditations From Carmel Podcast [Complete Works Volume II,  translated by Anne Englund Nash (ICS Publications 1995 pp.270-271)].