Eternal Wisdom: Lo, to this very fatherland I shall carry home from misery and tribulation, arrayed in all the richness of her rich morning gift, My beloved bride in My arms.

I shall adorn her interiorly with the beautiful garment of the eternal light of that glory which will exalt her above all her natural powers.

She will be clothed exteriorly with the glorified body, which is seven times brighter than the sun’s light, swift, subtle, and to suffering, impassive.

Then I shall put on her the crown of delight, and on the crown a golden garland.

The Servant: Gentle Lord, what is the morning gift, and what the crown and golden garland?

Eternal Wisdom: The morning gift is a clear vision of that which here below thou dost merely believe in, an actual comprehending of that which now thou hopest for, and a heartfelt pleasant enjoyment of that which on earth thou lovest.

As to the beautiful crown, it is essential reward, but the blooming garland is accidental reward.

The Servant: Lord, what is that?

Eternal Wisdom: Accidental reward consists in such particular delight as souls obtain by particular and meritorious works wherewith they have conquered here below, even as the souls of great doctors, steadfast martyrs, and pure virgins.

But essential reward consists in the contemplative union of the soul with the pure Divinity, for she can never rest till she be borne above all her powers and capacities, and introduced to the natural entity of the Persons, and to the clear vision of their real essence.

And in the emanation of the splendour of Their essence she will find full and perfect satisfaction and everlasting happiness.

And the more disengaged and abstracted the self-egression of such souls is, the more free will be their soaring exaltation.

And the more free their exaltation, the deeper will be their penetration into the vast wilderness and unfathomable abyss of the unknown Godhead, wherein they are immersed, overflowed, and blended up.

There they desire to have no other will than God’s will, and that they become the very same that God is – in other words, that they be made blessed by grace as He is by nature.

Henry Suso (c. 1296 – 1366): The Little Book of Divine Wisdom, 1,12.