The Bridegroom is coming down to see the bride betrothed to Him. Abide, O soul, in the midst of the bride-chamber, that He may see thee here.

Go not forth from the chamber of the Bridegroom, the King, who is coming down to see thee, bearing riches from the house of His Father.

The priest, whom thou hast sent, has called Him: wait for Him; for if He come and see thee not, He will be angry.

Together with the priest the whole people beseeches the Father that He will send His Son, that he may come down and dwell upon the oblation.

And the Holy Spirit, His Power, lights down  in the bread and wine, and sanctifies it, yea, makes it the Body and the Blood.

And everyone who is in the house bestirs himself, that he may cry “Our Father”; and the new sons sanctify and bless Him.

And by His brooding He mingles them holily, and they become one with Him, as it is written, mystically.

[…] When these Mysteries full of life are administered, with all manner of devices Satan, by his subtlety, drives thee forth, that thou mayest be removed from that congregation which is crying “Holy”.

Satan is distressed by these voices of holiness; and if he could he would drive the whole world forth. There would not remain one man in the holy place to cry “Our Father”.

In that hour when the bride cries out “Forgive me my debts” he knows that the Bridegroom, the King, is full of mercy, and that He hears the bride, and He who died for us forgives her.

Wherefore Satan is concerned and uses much pains to drive men out of the holy place at the time of the Mysteries, lest when the whole congregation cries out “Forgive me my debts” the sinner also present himself and be justified.

For when the Gift comes forth from God, He gives it to him who is worthy and to him who is unworthy.

His grace, when He pours it forth, is like to the sun and the rain, and He has mercy for sinners and for the righteous.

And when the congregation asks mercy of God the sinners also who are therein are enriched from His Gift.

When the whole congregation asks grace of God, He withholds it not even from the bad who are found therein.

But the Evil One strives to steal away men at the time of the Mysteries, that he may cut them off from the Gift of God’s house; and he darkens the soul with restless and cowardly thoughts, and with worldly notions he chokes the mind.

Jacob of Serugh (c.451-521): On the Reception of the Holy Mysteries.