Consider now, O my soul, with thy inward eyes, the immense love of thy Saviour.

See how above measure He thirsteth to redeem thee.

Look how His Heart is boiling over within Him for exceeding burning love.

O sweet Jesus, the only comfort of my heart, where is now the fear, which a little before had come upon Thee?

[…] While as yet Thine enemies were far from Thee, Thou wert sorrowful even unto death, and in Thy cruel straits Thou didst sweat blood, and Thou didst pray that the Passion that was hanging over Thee might be taken from Thee by Thy Father.

But now that Thine enemies are before Thine eyes…Thou fearest nothing, Thou tremblest at nothing, and all fear hath gone far from Thee.

Thy betrayer hath come with a crowd of blood-thirsty men, cruel wolves; and of Thine own free will Thou goest forth to meet them.

What doth this mean, O gracious Jesus, except that perfect love hath cast out fear? Oh! how perfectly hast Thou gone out of Thyself, O loving Jesus!

How well hast Thou prepared a place for Thy heavenly Father, in order that He may accomplish within Thee His own most gracious work according to His will.

Oh! how Thou hast spared Thyself in nothing! With what burning thirst hast Thou sought after Thy Father’s honour!

How mightily hast Thou conquered Thyself through love, being made obedient even unto death!

O Jesus, sweet Lover of men, what love is this that hath so swallowed up Thy Heart, that Thou hastenest to death as to a marriage feast, that Thou goest forth to meet Thine enemies, as if they were Thy friends!

Thou couldst not even wait till they addressed Thee, but even as a man saluteth his friends, whom he meeteth on the way, so didst Thou address them first, and say: “Whom seek ye?”

Oh! of a truth, most gracious Jesus, the fire of love had so worked its way within Thee, and melted, and burnt away the marrow of Thy Soul, that all Thy inner man blessed God the Father Almighty, and all Thy members were stretched like a bow to accomplish Thy Father’s gracious will.

For Thy uncreated love as God so moved and kindled Thy created love, that Thou wert wholly ready to satisfy that love in all that it required.

Hence it was that in Thy thirst Thou didst seize the chalice, from which but a little before Thou didst so greatly shrink.

And quickened by love, as a fearless giant, Thou rejoicest to run the way of our salvation.

John Tauler[attributed] (c.1300-1361): Meditations on the Life and Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ, 10.