Does it go beyond comprehension that the kingdom of God is within us?

Behold, you say, the kingdom of heaven is within us but is gold within us in a similar way?

Why not, I say. So! Have you forgotten that the kingdom of heaven is like a treasure hidden in a field?

Behold, from what source an abundance of gold abounds abundantly to you.  You have it at hand.  Dig it up, if you will.

Go quickly, sell what you have, purchase this field, and seek the hidden treasure.

Whatever in the world you crave, whatever in the world you hesitate to part with, expend it freely for freedom of the heart.

After purchasing the field, dig in the depths of it, exulting no doubt like persons who dig up a treasure and rejoice greatly when they have discovered a sepulcher.

It is necessary to seek this treasure in the depths because wisdom is drawn from a hidden place.

But wretched me; from what source does gold come to me for the gilding, the crown, and the propitiatory? [Propitiatory – i.e. the mercy-seat in the Holy of Holies in the Jerusalem Temple, sprinkled with blood for purification.]

I do not have silver and gold, and from what and how can these things be made?

By what art, I ask, can I procure this gold for myself?

I am not able to dig; I blush to beg.  I know what I shall do.

I shall go quickly to my Father, the Father of mercies from whom comes every good gift and every perfect gift, because He who gives copiously to everyone and does not reproach them is rich toward all.

And so I pour out my prayer in His presence; I announce before Him my poverty and lack of gold; and I shall say to Him: “Lord, you know my lack of wisdom; my property is like as nothing before you; give me understanding, Lord, and I have gold and am rich.

“Since I am weak, guard my soul and I shall have a propitiatory of the sort I crave”.

O how great an abundance of gold existed for him who was able to sing the truth: “I have understood more than all who teach me.  I have understood more than the elders because I have sought your commandments” (Ps. 118:99-100).

O what kind of propitiatory he had who sang confidently before the Lord: “You have protected me from the assembly of the wicked, from the multitude of those working iniquity” (Ps. 63:3).

Richard of St Victor (d. 1173): The Mystical Ark, bk. 3, ch. 5,translated by Grover A. Zinn, Paulist Press @ Lectionary Central.