Macarius3(Continued from here…)

Do you wish to know why we, who were created in honour and put to live in paradise, came at last to be compared unto the beasts that have no understanding and were made like to them, having fallen from the glory of innocence?

Understand that, having become by the transgression the slaves of the fleshly passions, we shut ourselves out of the happy land of the living, and, being reduced to captivity, we are still sitting by the waters of Babylon.

And because we are still held in Egypt, we have not yet inherited the land of promise, flowing with milk and honey.

We have not yet been leavened with the leaven of sincerity, but are still in the leaven of wickedness.

Our heart is not yet sprinkled with the blood of God; for the snare of hell, and the hook of sin is still fixed in it.

We have not yet taken to ourselves the gladness of Christ’s salvation, for the sting of death is still rooted in us.

We have not yet put on the new man, which after God is created in holiness, since we have not yet put off the old man which is corrupt according to the sinful lusts.

We have not yet borne the image of the heavenly, nor been made conformed to His glory.

We have not yet worshipped God in spirit and in truth, because sin reigns in our mortal body.

We have not yet beheld the glory of the incorruptible, for we are still under the operation of the moonless night .

We have not yet put on the armour of light, since we have not yet put off the armour and the darts and the works of darkness.

We have not yet been transformed by the renewing of the mind, for we are still conformed to this world in the vanity of the mind.

We are not yet glorified with Christ, because we have not suffered with Him.

We do not yet bear in our body the marks of Him, and are not in the secret of the cross of Christ, for we are still in the affections and lusts of the flesh.

We are not yet heirs of God and joint heirs with Christ, for the spirit of bondage is still in us, not that of adoption.

We have not yet become the temple of God and the habitation of the Holy Ghost, for we are still the temple of idols and the hold of the spirits of wickedness because of our propensity to the passions.

Macarius the Egyptian (c. 300-391) [attributed]: Spiritual Homily 25,4, trans. by A.J. Mason DD.