Cyril-of-Jerusalem(Following on from here…)

David says, Thou hast prepared a table before me in the presence of them that afflict me (Psalm 22).

What he says, is to this effect:  Before Thy coming, the evil spirits prepared a table for men…; but since Thy coming. O Lord, Thou hast prepared a table before me.

When the man says to God, Thou hast prepared before me a table, what other does he indicate but that mystical and spiritual Table, which God hath prepared for us over against, that is, contrary and in opposition to the evil spirits?

And very truly; for that had communion with devils, but this, with God.

[…] And thy cup intoxicateth me, as very strong.  You see that cup here spoken of, which Jesus took in His hands, and gave thanks, and said, This is My blood, which is shed for many for the remission of sins.

Solomon also, hinting at this grace, says in Ecclesiastes, Come hither, eat thy bread with joy (that is, the spiritual bread; Come hither, he calls with the call to salvation and blessing),

and drink thy wine with a merry heart (that is, the spiritual wine); and let oil be poured out upon thy head (here he alludes even to the mystic Chrism);

and let thy garments be always white, for the Lord is well pleased with thy works; for before you came to Baptism, your works were vanity of vanities.

But now, having put off your old garments, and put on those which are spiritually white, you must be continually robed in white…, by which we mean… that you must be clad in the garments that are truly white and shining and spiritual, that you may say with the blessed Isaiah,

My soul shall be joyful in my God; for He hath clothed me with a garment of salvation, and put a robe of gladness around me.

Having learnt these things, you can be  fully assured that the seeming bread is not bread, though sensible to taste, but the Body of Christ; and that the seeming wine is not wine, though the taste will have it so, but the Blood of Christ.

Of this David sung of old, saying, And bread strengtheneth man’s heart, to make his face to shine with oil; so also you must “strengthen your heart,” by partaking thereof as of something spiritual, and “make the face of your soul to shine.”

And so having it unveiled with a pure conscience, may you reflect as a mirror the glory of the Lord, and proceed from glory to glory, in Christ Jesus our Lord.

Cyril of Jerusalem (c. 313-186): Catechetical Lectures 22, 7-9.