Cyril-of-JerusalemMany things are called spirits.

Thus an angel is called spirit, our soul is called spirit, and this wind which is blowing is called spirit.

Great virtue also is spoken of as spirit; and impure practice is called spirit; and a devil our adversary is called spirit.

[…] Concerning our soul the Scripture says, His spirit shall go forth, and he shall return to his earth….

And of the angels it is said in the Psalms, Who maketh His angels spirits, and His ministers a flame of fire.

[…]  And of good doctrine the Lord Himself says, The words that I have spoken unto you, they are spiritand they are life; instead of, “are spiritual.”

But the Holy Spirit is not pronounced by the tongue; but He is a Living Spirit, who gives wisdom of speech, Himself speaking and discoursing.

[…] But sin also is called spirit…, only in another and opposite sense…. The name “spirit” is given also to the unclean spirit, the devil; but with the addition of, “the unclean;” for to each is joined its distinguishing name, to mark its proper nature.

[…] Such is not the Holy Ghost; God forbid!  For His doings tend the contrary way, towards what is good and salutary.

First, His coming is gentle; the perception of Him is fragrant; His burden most light; beams of light and knowledge gleam forth before His coming.

He comes with the bowels of a true guardian:  for He comes to save, and to heal, to teach, to admonish, to strengthen, to exhort, to enlighten the mind, first of him who receives Him, and afterwards of others also, through him.

And as a man, who being previously in darkness then suddenly beholds the sun, is enlightened in his bodily sight, and sees plainly things which he saw not, so likewise he to whom the Holy Ghost is vouchsafed, is enlightened in his soul, and sees things beyond man’s sight, which he knew not; his body is on earth, yet his soul mirrors forth the heavens.

He sees, like Esaias, the Lord sitting upon a throne high and lifted up; he sees, like Ezekiel, Him who is above the Cherubim; he sees like Daniel, ten thousand times ten thousand, and thousands of thousands; and the man, who is so little, beholds the beginning of the world, and knows the end of the world, and the times intervening, and the successions of kings—things which he never learned:  for the True Enlightener is present with him.

The man is within the walls of a house; yet the power of his knowledge reaches far and wide, and he sees even what other men are doing.

Cyril of Jerusalem (c. 313-386): Catechetical Lectures 16, 13,15,16.