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But I must proceed to my former statement that Christ is called the Stone in the Prophets.

For in ancient times David said concerning Him:—The stone which the builders rejected has become the head of the building (Ps.117:22).

And how did the builders reject this Stone which is Christ (Lk. 19:14)?  How else than that they so rejected Him before Pilate and said—This man shall not be King over us (Jn. 19:15).

And again in that parable that our Lord spake that a certain nobleman went to receive kingly power and to return and rule over them; and they sent after Him envoys saying:—This man shall not be King over us. (Lk. 19:13-14).

By these things they rejected the Stone which is Christ.

And how did it become the head of the building?  How else than that it was set up over the building of the Gentiles and upon it is reared up all their building.

And who are the builders?  Who but the priests and Pharisees who did not build a sure building, but were overthrowing everything that he was building, as is written in Ezekiel the Prophet:—He was building a wall of partition, but they were shaking it, that it might fall (Ez. 13:10).

And again it is written:—I sought amongst them a man who was closing the fence and standing in the breach over the face of the land, that I might not destroy it and I did not find (Ez. 22:30).

And furthermore Isaiah also prophesied beforehand with regard to this stone.  For he said:—Thus saith the Lord, Behold I lay in Zion a chosen stone in the precious corner, the heart of the wall of the foundation (Is. 28:16).  And he said again there:—Every one that believeth on it shall not fear (Is. 28:16).

[…] And He shows thus with regard to that stone that it was laid as head of the wall and as foundation.  But if that stone was laid as the foundation, how did it also become the head of the wall?

How but that when our Lord came, He laid His faith in the earth like a foundation, and it rose above all the heavens like the head of the wall and all the building was finished with the stones, from the bottom to the top.

And with regard to the faith about which I said that He laid His faith in the earth, this David proclaimed beforehand about Christ.  For He said:—Faith shall spring up from the earth (Ps. 84:12). And that again, it is above, he said:—Righteousness looked down from the heavens.

Aphrahat the Persian (c.270-c.345): Demonstrations, 1 – On Faith (6-7). (The icon accompanying this extract depicts Ephrem the Syrian, Isaac the Syrian, and Aphrahat).