St-Gregory-the-DialogistWho made a weight for the winds and weighed the waters by measure (Job 28:25).

Souls receive weight, that they should not henceforth with light motion glance off from their aim at God, but be made to settle into Him with immoveable weightiness of constancy.

Still was that people lightly moved to and fro, of which it is said by the Prophet, And he went on frowardly in the way of his own heart.  I have seen his ways: and I let him go (Isaiah 57:17,18).

But weighty counsel in heart banishes all inconstancy of wandering.

There are souls, that with light motion are now after one set of objects, now after another.

Almighty God, because He does not estimate lightly these very light waverings of men’s minds , by abandoning passes judgment on the wandering of the heart.

But when through grace He regards the wandering mind, He fixes it into stedfastness of counsel.

And so it is rightly said now, And made weight for the winds. Because when God deigns to regard with mercifulness the light motions of the mind, He directly fashions that mind to matureness of constancy.

[…]  Whence it is also subjoined; And he weigheth the waters by measure.

[…] By water we have the Inpouring of the Holy Spirit represented, as when it is said in the Gospel, He that believeth on Me, as the Scripture hath said, out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water.

Where the Evangelist following on added; But this spake He of the Spirit, which they that believe on Him should receive (John 7:38,39).  Again, by water sacred knowledge is denoted, as it is said; And give him the water of wisdom to drink (Sirach 15:3).

By water likewise not only the tide of peoples drifting away, but also the minds of good men that follow the preachings of faith, are denoted, as the Prophet saith, Blessed are ye that sow upon all waters (Is. 32:20).

And it is said by the Psalmist; The voice of the Lord is upon the waters (Psalm 22[29]:3).  In this place, then, what is denoted by the title of ‘waters,’ saving the hearts of the Elect, which by the understanding of Wisdom, have now received the hearing of the heavenly voice?

Touching whom it is rightly said; And weigheth the waters by measure. The Saints, so long as they are in this life, are transported on high by the Holy Spirit bearing them up.

In order that they may not swell high with any self-elation, they are kept down by certain temptations. And in order that they may never have the power to advance as much as they have the wish – lest they should be exalted by pride – there takes place in them a kind of measure of their very virtues.

Gregory the Great (c.540-604): Reflections (Moralia) on Job, 19, 7-9 (on Job 28:25) @ Lectionary Central.