St_Hilary_of_Poitiers_cassienFor strangers have risen up against me; and the mighty have sought after my soul: and they have not set God before their eyes. For behold God is my helper: and the Lord is the upholder of my soul (Psalm 54:5-6).

It is the violent that seek after His soul; such as was Herod when he asked the chief priests where Christ should be born, such as was the whole synagogue when it bore false witness against Him.

But in deeming this soul to be of human nature and weakness they set not God before their eyes; for God had stooped from that estate wherein He abode as God, even to the beginnings of human birth.

That is, He became Son of Man Who before was the Son of God.

For the Son of God is none other than He Who is Son of Man, and Son of Man not in partial measure but born so.

He is the Form of God divesting Itself of that which It was and becoming that which It was not, that so It might be born into a soul and body of Its own.

Hence He is both Son of God and Son of Man, hence both God and Man.

In other words the Son of God was born with the attributes derived from human birth, the Nature of God condescending to assume the nature of one born as man who is wholly moulded of soul and flesh.

Wherefore strangers, when they rise up against Him, and the mighty, when they seek after that soul of His, which in the Gospels is often sad and cast down, set not God before their eyes.

For God it was – and the Son of God existing from out the ages – that was born with the attributes of human nature, was born as man, that is, with our body and our soul, by a virgin birth.

Yet the mighty and glorious works He wrought never opened their eyes to the fact that the Son of Man Whose soul they were seeking had come to be man with a beginning of life after an eternal existence as Son of God.

[…] Behold, God is My helper and the Lord is the upholder of My soul. He has requited evil unto Mine enemies.

To each separate petition He has assigned its proper result, thus teaching us both that God does not neglect to hear, and that to look for a pledge of His pitifulness in hearing our several petitions is not a thing unreasonable.

For to the words, For strangers are risen up against Me, the corresponding statement is: God is My helper.

While with regard to and the violent have sought after My soul, the exact result of the hearing of His prayer is expressed in the words: and the Lord is the upholder of My soul. 

Hilary of Poitiers (c.300-368): Homily on Psalm 53 [54], 8-9.