ephrem-isaac-aphrahatDaniel also spoke concerning this stone which is Christ.  For he said:—The stone was cut out from the mountain, not by hands, and it smote the image, and the whole earth was filled with it (Dan. 2:34, 35).

This he showed beforehand with regard to Christ that the whole earth shall be filled with Him.

For lo! by the faith of Christ are all the ends of the earth filled, as David said:—The sound of the Gospel of Christ has gone forth into all the earth (Ps. 19:4).

And again when He sent forth His apostles He spake thus to them:—Go forth, make disciples of all nations and they will believe on Me (Matt. 28:19).

And again the Prophet Zechariah also prophesied about that stone which is Christ.  For he said:—I saw a chief stone of equality and of love (Zech. 4:2).

And why did he say “chief”?  Surely because from the beginning [the words for chief and for beginning are almost identical in the Syriac] He was with His Father.

And again that he spoke of love, it was because when He came into the world, He said thus to His disciples:—This is My commandment, that ye love one another (John 15:12).

And again He said:—I have called you My friends (lovers)  (John 15:15).  And the blessed Apostle said thus:—God loved us in the love of His Son (cf Eph. 2:4, 5). Of a truth Christ loved us and gave Himself for us (cf. Eph. 5:2).

And definitely did He show concerning this stone:—Lo! on this stone will I open seven eyes (Zech. 3:9).  And what then are the seven eyes that were opened on the stone?

Clearly the Spirit of God that abode on Christ with seven operations, as Isaiah the Prophet said:—The Spirit of God shall rest and dwell upon Him, (a spirit) of wisdom and understanding, of counsel and of courage, of knowledge and of the fear of the Lord (Is. 11:1, 2).

These were the seven eyes that were opened upon the Stone, and these are the seven eyes of the Lord which look upon all the earth (Zech. 4:10).

Aphrahat the Persian (c.270-c.345): Demonstrations, 1 – On Faith (8-9). (The icon accompanying this extract depicts Ephrem the Syrian, Isaac the Syrian, and Aphrahat).