philoxenos_of_mabbugWho then or what is truth, if not Jesus Christ, the God Who is over all, He Who said, “I am the Truth, and the Light, and the Life” (John 14:6).

This Jesus, God the Word, is our truth, with His Father and with His Holy Spirit: one Trinity, one essence, one divinity, one nature from everlasting and from eternity.

For there is not in Him (God) nature and nature, nor essence and essence, nor anything recent or old, but One in Three and Three in One; an eternal nature and eternal persons, one essence adored with its persons from everlasting and from eternity.

One of the persons of this essence is the Mediator of our Divinity, Truth from Truth, Light from Light, Living from the Living One, and Immortal from Him Who does not die.

By the will of the Divinity this same person came down from heaven, that is, God from God, natural Son of a natural Father, the Splendour of the Father and His essential Image, God the Word Who is over all.

He came down and dwelt in the pure Virgin who was sanctified by God the Spirit, and He became man of her without change, in everything like unto us except sin, there having been neither change, nor variation, nor confusion in His nature, as God Himself said by the Prophet, “I am and I change not” (Malachi 3:6).

For He Who was not made is not mutable; He Who was not created cannot change. Therefore He became man without change; He was embodied, and remained as He is – spiritual.

He did not cause the person of a man to adhere to Himself that two might be counted in Him, He and a man adhering to Him. Nor did He enter and dwell in another, He Who is the Only Son, but He was embodied from our nature and He is not counted two.

He became man of the Virgin, and His person was not doubled; He became man, and He was not changed, because even in His becoming His essence remained without change. For as He is in His essence, so He remained also in His becoming, that is, without change.

The Ancient of days became a child; the Most High became an infant in the womb, and God became man in the womb. The Spiritual One became corporal; the Invisible One was seen; the Intangible One was handled; He Who is consubstantial with the Father became of us in His becoming, because He, God the Word, was embodied in the Virgin and of the Virgin.

Philoxenus of Mabbug (d. 523): Letter to the Monks.