AndrewofcreteI alone have sinned against Thee, sinned above all men.  O Christ my Saviour, spurn me not.

Thou art the good Shepherd; seek me, Thy lamb, and neglect not me who have gone astray (John 10:11-14).

Thou art my sweet Jesus, Thou art my Creator; in Thee, O Saviour, I shall be justified.

I confess to Thee, O Saviour, I have sinned, I have sinned against Thee, but absolve and forgive me in Thy compassion.

[…]  Despise not Thy works and forsake not Thy creation, O just Judge and Lover of men, though I alone have sinned as a man more than any man.

But, being Lord of all, Thou hast power to pardon sins (Mark 2:10).

The end is drawing near, my soul, is drawing near!  But you neither care nor prepare.  The time is growing short.

Rise!  The Judge is near at the very doors.  Like a dream, like a flower, the time of this life passes.

Why do we bustle about in vain? (Matthew 24:33; Psalm 38:7).

Come to your senses, my soul! Consider the deeds you have done, and bring them before your eyes, and pour out the drops of your tears.

Boldly tell your thoughts and deeds to Christ, and be acquitted.

[…] I have passed my life ever in night, for the night of sin has been to me thick fog and darkness; but make me, O Saviour, a son of the day (Ephesians 5:8).

[…] I confess to Thee, O Christ my King: I have sinned, I have sinned, like Joseph’s brothers of old, who sold the fruit of purity and chastity (Genesis 37).

Righteous Joseph was given up by his brothers, that sweet soul was sold into slavery, as a type of the Lord; and you, my soul, have sold yourself completely to your vices (Genesis 37:27-28).

Imitate, wretched and worthless soul, righteous Joseph and his pure mind, and do not be wanton with irrational desires, ever transgressing  (Genesis 39:7-23).

If Joseph of old also occupied a pit, O Sovereign Lord, yet it was as a type of Thy Burial and Rising.  But will I ever offer Thee anything like it? (Genesis 37).

Andrew of Crete (c.650-740[?]): Great Canon of Repentance @