ephrem-isaac-aphrahatOur Saviour used thus to say to ever one who drew near to Him to be healed:—According to thy faith be unto thee (Matt. 9:29).

And when the blind man approached Him, He said to him:—Dost thou believe that I am able to heal thee?  That blind man said to Him:—Yea, Lord, I believe (Matt. 9:28).  And his faith opened his eyes.

And to him whose son was sick, He said:—Believe and thy son shall live.  He said to Him:—I believe, Lord; help thou my feeble faith (Mark 9:22, 26).  And by his faith his son was healed.

And also when the nobleman came near to Him, by his faith was his boy healed, when he said to our Lord:—Speak the word and my servant will be cured (Matt. 8:8, 10).  And our Lord was astonished at his faith, and according to his faith it happened to him.

And also when the chief of the Synagogue requested Him concerning his daughter, He said thus to him:—Only firmly believe and thy daughter shall live (Mark 5:23-36).  So he believed and his daughter lived and arose.

And when Lazarus died, our Lord said to Martha:—If thou believest, thy brother shall rise.  Martha saith unto Him;—Yea, Lord, I believe  (John 11:23-27).  And He raised him after four days.

And also Simon who was called Cephas because of his faith was called the firm rock.

And again when our Lord gave the Sacrament of Baptism to His apostles, He said thus to them:—Whosoever believeth and is baptized shall live, and whosoever believeth not shall be condemned (Mark 16:16).    Again He said to his Apostles:—If ye believe and doubt not, there is nothing ye shall not be able to do  (Matt. 21:22).

For when our Lord walked on the billows of the sea, Simon also by his faith walked with Him; but when in respect of his faith he doubted, and began to sink, our Lord called him, thou of little faith (Matt. 14:31).

And when the Apostles asked of our Lord, they begged nothing at His hands but this, saying to Him:—Increase our faith.  He said to them:—If there were in you faith, even a mountain would remove from before you (Luke 17:5; Matt. 17:19; 21:21).

And He said to them:—Doubt ye not, lest ye sink down in the midst of the world, even as Simon when he doubted began to sink in the midst of the sea.

And again He said thus;—This shall be the sign for those that believe; they shall speak with new tongues and shall cast out demons, and they shall lay their hands on the sick and they shall be made whole (Mark 16:17-18).

Aphrahat the Persian (c.270-c.345): Demonstrations, 1 – On Faith (17). (The icon accompanying this extract depicts Ephrem the Syrian, Isaac the Syrian, and Aphrahat.)