Dorotheos2Whatever is God’s providence is completely good and serves for the profit of the soul, for everything that God does with us He does for our benefit, for He love us and has mercy on us.

And we should…give thanks always for all things (Eph. 5:20, 1 Thess. 5:18) to His goodness and never become sad nor grow fainthearted over what happens to us, but rather receive everything that happens to us without disturbance, with humility of wisdom and with hope in God, believing…that everything that God does with us He does in His goodness, out of love for us.

He does it for the good, and it could not be good in any other way than this.

[…] If one has a friend who he is convinced loves him, then if he should suffer something from this friend, even something very difficult, he reckons that it was done out of love, and never does he believe that his friend had wished to do him harm.

All the more then should we attribute this to God, Who created us and brought us out of non-being into being. He became man for our sake and died for us, He does everything to us out of His goodness and love for us.

As for the friend, one thinks, “He has done this out of love and pity for me, but he does not have sufficient understanding to arrange things well concerning me, and therefore it happens that he has injured me without wishing to do so.”

However, we cannot say this about God, for He is the source of wisdom, knows everything that is profitable for us, and arranges everything concerning us, even the least insignificant.

Again one may say of a friend that although he loves and pities us and has sufficient understanding to arrange things concerning us, nonetheless he has not the strength to help us with this matter in which he thinks to bring benefit to us.

But this cannot be said about God either, for to Him all is possible and for Him there is nothing impossible. And thus we know of God that He loves and pities His creation, that He is the source of wisdom and knows how to arrange everything concerning us, and that there is nothing impossible for Him, but everything serves His will.

We should likewise know that everything that He does He does for our benefit, and we should accept this in accordance with what has been said above, with thanksgiving as from a Benefactor and a good Master, even though what occurs might be painful.

For everything happens in accordance with righteous judgment, and God who is so merciful does not disdain the least of our sorrows.

Dorotheos of Gaza (505-565 or 620): Conference 13 – That one must bear temptation with thanksgiving and without disturbance @ Pravoslavie.