Thomas_KenMy Jesus, Thou all lovely art,
And shouldst be loved with all the heart;
But woe is me, my heart is prone,
Thee, for cursed trifles to disown ;
O with a Love Thy votary bless,
Proportion’d to Thy loveliness!

Our want, Thou, Jesu, didst foreknow,
And didst proportion’d Love bestow;
At Thy ascent Thou in Thy place
Didst leave the boundless Source of Grace.
We at the Source of Love abide,
Where wants of Love are all supplied.

O blessing, next to that dear Love,
Which drew God Filial from above!
Oh God co-breathed, who Love art styled.
Delighting in souls undefiled!
Towards God my whole propension turn,
Love heavenly cannot downwards burn.

Great Third of the co-glorious Trine,
O may my spirit Thee enshrine.
O consecrate my mortal frame
Into a temple to Thy Name!
O be Thou of my soul the Soul,
And all rebellious powers control!

O Love Immense, within me dwell,
All loves but Thy own Love expel!
Within my heart Thy piercing eye
Will all absconded lusts descry;
Thy goodness, which all thought exceeds,
Will bring supplies for all my needs.

My soul with Truth’s bright radiance fill,
Keep me resign’d to God’s sole Will;
Whene’er I stray, be Thou my Guide,
Fix me, inclining to backslide;
Quicken me when I stupid grow,
Deep consolations, when in woe.

O purify my soul from stain.
All tendencies towards ill restrain;
My soul with warm devotion fire,
Which may with sighs and groans aspire;
Invigorate me when afraid,
When weak, vouchsafe me heavenly aid.

Truth sacred in my memory keep,
For sin create contrition deep;
All filial grace in me excite,
Be Witness that I walk upright.
Seal pardon for transgressions past,
Support me when I breathe my last.

Be Monitor Thy law to heed,
Be Advocate my cause to plead,
By Thee may I be born again,
By Thee celestial glory gain;
To me be Water, Oil, Fire, Wind,
To cleanse, oint, warm, and wing my mind.


I objects see; yet in my brain
How vision’s made, cannot explain;
My soul the Spirit working feels
While modes of working He conceals;
When God makes in our souls abode,
‘Tis curiosity to search the mode.

O Love co-breathed, I Love implore,
O give me Love, I need no more;
Gifts are for souls heroic meet,
Reserved for heights or sufferings great;
But void of Love I cannot live.
In that Thou wilt all graces give.

Jesu! I’ll love, I’ll hymn Thy Name,
From Thee co-effluent Godhead came;
Love shed by Him, through Thee shall rise,
Paternal Godhead’s sacrifice,
Of Love the co-eternal Three
Are thus the Spring, the Stream, the Sea.

Thomas Ken (1637–1711; Church of England): Christian Year, Tenth Sunday after Trinity, pp. 264-267.