But the greatest of these is charity (1 Corinthians 13:13).

Faith and hope are at work only in the human person, but charity is at work in God.

Faith can move mountains. Charity creates the mountains, the heavens and the earth.

Faith urges a creature, as one who is capable of loving, to make every effort to attain paradise.

Charity entreats God, who is aflame with love, to descend to earth to enable humankind to reach heaven by means of God’s own charity.

Faith says to humanity: “Serve God as is fitting”. Charity says: “O God, take on human flesh and serve humanity, which is in your debt beyond what it possesses”.

Faith says to humanity: “Strike the heavens and open them for yourself”. Charity says: “O God, break the heavens so that humanity may find them open”.

Faith teaches us to die for love of God. Charity invites God to die for us and invites us to die for our God.

Faith reveals God from a distance. Charity brings humanity to God, for charity made God take on human flesh and makes humanity take on divinity.

Faith may be compared to a noble lady who only reigns here where we have no abiding city, but who looks for one in the future. Charity is empress of heaven and earth.

Faith is an inhabitant of the country. Charity is a city dweller.

Faith rules over a multitude of lowly creatures. Charity commands the angels.

Faith is above its servants. Charity is above its beloved children and the saints.

John Dominic OP (c. 1357-1419): Treatise on the Love of Charity.