Gregory_PalamasNovember 14th is the feast of St Gregory Palamas in the Greek Orthodox Church

The Father is timeless, without beginning and pre-eternal.

He is the sole cause and root of the divinity beheld in the Son and the Holy Spirit; not the sole Creator, but the sole Father of the only Son and the sole producer of the one Holy Spirit.

[…] The Son is co-eternal with the Father. […] He is forever, He is the Son forever and He is with the Father forever without confusion.

He is the living Word, the true light, the enhypostatic Wisdom, cause and origin of all created things, for by Him all things were made.

When the fullness of the ages had come (cf. Gal. 4:4), as the prophets foretold, He emptied Himself, took our human form for our sake, was conceived by the ever-virgin Mary through the gracious will of the Father and the co-operation of the Holy Spirit, and was conceived and was born.

He was truly made man and became like us in everything apart from sin (cf. Heb. 4:15), while remaining true God in one person even after His incarnation.

[…] From the eternal Father Who is without beginning the Holy Spirit also proceeds.

As timeless He is together with the Father and the Son without beginning, but He is not without beginning, inasmuch as He has the Father as root, origin and cause, from Whom He proceeded before all ages, without passion or change.

He was not divided from the Father or the Son when He came from the Father and rested in the Son, for He was united with Them without confusion and indivisibly distinct.

Being also God from God, He is not one thing as God and another as Comforter, inasmuch as He is the hypostatic existence of the Holy Spirit.

He has His existence from the Father and is sent through the Son, as the firstfruits of eternal life and the earnest of the everlasting good things to come.

[…]  He was sent by the Son to His disciples, that is to say, He was made known to them by the Son, for this is the only sense in which He could be sent Who is everywhere present and does not leave the Sender.

[…] He [God] is not revealed, however, in His essence, for nobody has ever seen or declared God’s nature, but in the grace, power and energy common to the Father, Son and Spirit.

Each has His own hypostasis, and the characteristics seen to belong to that hypostasis.

They have in common not only Their undisclosed essence, which is above all names and in which we cannot share, but also the grace, power, energy, radiance, incorruption, kingdom, and everything else by which God has communion with the holy angels and with men.

Gregory Palamas (1296-1359): Homily 8 – On Faith, 7-10, from Saint Gregory Palamas: The Homilies (Mount Thabor Publishing, 2009), pp. 54-59 @ Kandylaki (fuller version)